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Embrace the Unfamiliar: Why You Should Work With Local Suppliers in a New Area

When you’re holding events, it’s easy to rely on familiar suppliers; you’ve partnered with them before, and you know what they can deliver. But what if you’re working further afield? Companies seeking to expand and establish networks in new locations will often stage events to gain exposure in the area, and this can take you out of your comfort zone as an event planner for your company. You could bring

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Your Fairytale Wedding in a French Chateau

As a little girl, you once dreamed of getting married in a castle. Your mind wandered to your lace gown, caressing the marble floor of the ballroom. Everyone you know is dancing all evening. When the midnight comes, you share a kiss with your groom on the vast garden, the wind mildly blowing your hair and his. And to mark your happily ever after, a set of fireworks lights up

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Corporate Event-Planning Tips

Successful event planning involves the breakdown of the planning process into smaller and achievable tasks. Such tasks motivate you to remain focused and avoid procrastination. Setting deadlines for the accomplishment of tasks such as meeting with vendors helps in progressive and successful event planning. Plan for food and beverages Food and drinks help to keep your guests entertained. You can opt for in-house catering depending on the venue chosen or


The Fascinating History of Cheese

Cheesemaking has been in practice for at least 10,000 years. After our ancestors domesticated goats, cows, and sheep, the history of cheese started. Nowadays, the cheese produced in the United States alone has reached up to 13 billion pounds annually, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. Additionally, per capita, cheese consumption has hit 39 pounds a year. Be it any type of cheese from your local cheese shop in


Five Reasons It’s Great for Families to Take a Staycation

Mini-vacations are essential to your physical and mental health. The everyday stresses of living in the city, working an eight-hour shift (or sometimes, more), running errands, paying the bills, and taking care of the family are enough to drive a normal person crazy. While long vacations out of the state or country are what we all crave for, this isn’t usually possible. What is more possible is for families to