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The Hospitality Industry in the Pandemic: How to Keep Your Hotel Business Afloat

There’s no denying how the hospitality industry has boomed in recent years. This sector consists of four segments: travel and tourism, foods and beverages, lodging and accommodation, and leisure and recreation. It caters to the needs of people for these key aspects. But as the travel and tourism industry thrives, so is the hospitality sector. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic put all these on hold. Many businesses in the hospitality sector have temporarily closed

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4 Shows to Watch While Waiting at the Airport

Have you ever experienced running late at the airport? Most people have, which is why it has become normal to be an hour early for your flight. It can even be more than an hour if you grew up in an Asian household. Anyways, the more time you spend in boarding means you do not have to cram and run to chase your schedule. It means more allowances for last-minute


The Science Behind Why We Experience Fear

Do you like a good scare? People often frequent creepy attractions or watch scary movies. For instance, many people look for haunted house attractions for Halloween or line up for the next horror flick in theaters. Naturally, we know that we jump and scream in these settings. But the question is: why do we do that? People get a kick out of being scared. Watching horror movies allows us to get that


Solo Female Traveler 101: the Safest Place to Be Is Singapore

There are a lot of great reasons why you need to visit Singapore. There are also a lot of good reasons why you need to be wary about traveling alone. Thankfully, if your destination is Southeast Asia’s most progressive city, that should not be a problem. Singapore, a small city-state considered to be the most expensive country globally, is the safest place to be in if you’re a solo female

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Domestic Travel in Singapore: Top Attractions Locals Love

Singapore’s international tourism started strong in January of last year. 1.69 million foreign tourists visited the country, a considerable increase from January 2019’s 1.62 million. However, the bustling tourism was quickly disrupted by COVID-19. To save the country’s tourism industry, authorities encouraged locals to plan domestic travels. Luckily for Singaporeans, their country is full of wonders, despite their island’s small size. Surely, many locals haven’t yet set foot in some



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